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Agiwal, Swati and Mohtadi, Hamid and Kinsey, Jean (2008) Security-Preparedness of Firms in U.S. Food Supply Chain. [Industry Studies Working Paper:2008-30]

Allen, Anna Nicholson and Das, Subodh and Field, Frank and Gregory, Jeremy and Kirchain, Randolph (2008) Enabling Environmentally-Informed Materials Selection Decisions: Robustness of Early Stage Lifecycle Assessment. [Industry Studies Working Paper:2008-05]

Alon, Ilan and Fetscherin, Marc and Johnson, James P. (2008) A Framework for Industry Export Competitiveness: Evidence from the Alcoholic Beverages Industry. [Industry Studies Working Paper:2008-25]

Baker, Dean (2008) Financing Drug Research: What are the Issues? [Industry Studies Working Paper:2008-06]

Belzer, Michael H. and Shih-wei, Pan and Nan, Yu (2008) Industrial Relations Experiments in China: Balancing Equity and Efficiency the Chinese Way. [Industry Studies Working Paper:2008-07]

Ben-Ner, Avner and Ren, Ting (2008) Does Organization Ownership Matter?: Structure and Performance in For-Profit, Nonprofit, and Local Government Nursing Homes. [Industry Studies Working Paper:2008-08]

Blumsack, Seth and Lave, Lester and Apt, Jay (2008) Electricity and Costs Under Regulation and Restructuring. [Industry Studies Working Paper:2008-09]

Boasson, Vigdis and Boasson, Emil and MacPherson, Alan (2008) Stock Returns and Geographic Innovation Index. [Industry Studies Working Paper:2008-10]

Brown, Clair and Linden, Greg (2008) Semiconductor Capabilities in the U.S. and Industrializing Asia. [Industry Studies Working Paper:2008-11]

Burks, Stephen V. and Carpenter, Jeffrey P. and Götte, Lorenz and Rustichini, Aldo (2008) Cognitive Skills Explain Economic Preferences, Strategic Behavior, and Job Attachment Among Truckers. [Industry Studies Working Paper:2008-26]

Camuffo, Arnaldo and Pozzana, Roberto and Vinelli, Andrea and Benedetti, Laura (2008) Not Doomed to Death: A Map of Small Firms' Business Models in the Italian Textile Apparel Industry. [Industry Studies Working Paper:2008-12]

Chesbrough, Henry and Liang, Feng (2008) Return to R&D Investment and Spillovers in the Chinese Semiconductor Industry: A Tale of Two Segments. [Industry Studies Working Paper:2008-13]

Cohn, Amy and AhmadBeygi, Shervin and Lapp, Marcial (2008) Decreasing Airline Delay Propagation by Re-allocating Scheduled Slack. [Industry Studies Working Paper:2008-14]

Dedrick, Jason and Kraemer, Kenneth L. and Linden, Greg (2008) Who Profits from Innovation in Global Value Chains? A Study of the iPod and Notebook PCs. [Industry Studies Working Paper:2008-15]

Dimoka, Angelika and Pavlou, Paul A. (2008) Understanding and Mitigating Product Uncertainty in Online Auction Marketplaces. [Industry Studies Working Paper:2008-16]

Doeringer, Peter B. and Courault, Bruno (2008) Garment District Performance: S(weatshop)-Efficiency vs. I(nnovation)-Efficiency. [Industry Studies Working Paper:2008-27]

Dossani, Rafiq and Patibandla, Murali (2008) Preparing for a Services Economy: An Evaluation of Higher Education in India. [Industry Studies Working Paper:2008-17]

Gonzalez-Brambila, Claudia N. and Veloso, Francisco M. and Krackhardt, David (2008) Social capital and the Creation of Knowledge. [Industry Studies Working Paper:2008-18]

Janovskaia, Alexandra (2008) German Automotive Multinationals in Central Europe: Enterprise Coalitions for Production. [Industry Studies Working Paper:2008-19]

Keefe, Jeffrey H. (2008) Convergence, Divergence, or Fragmentation: How are Digitalization, Service Competition, and Corporate Consolidation Reshaping Employment Systems in US Telecommunications? [Industry Studies Working Paper:2008-01]

Kraemer, Kenneth L. and Dedrick, Jason (2008) Globalization of Innovation: The Personal Computing Industry. [Industry Studies Working Paper:2008-20]

Kumaraswamy, Arun and Mudambi, Ram and Saranga, Haritha and Tripathy, Arindam (2008) Strategic Adaptation to Deregulation in the Indian Auto Components Industry. [Industry Studies Working Paper:2008-31]

Lazonick, William (2008) The New Economy Business Model and Sustainable Prosperity. [Industry Studies Working Paper:2008-21]

Lee, Eungkyoon (2008) The Impact of Social Relations on Environmental Compliance of Small Firms. [Industry Studies Working Paper:2008-03]

Marcus, Alfred A. and Anderson, Marc H. (2008) Commitment to an Emerging Organizational Field, Institutional Entrepreneurship, and the Perception of Opportunity: An Enactment Theory. [Industry Studies Working Paper:2008-22]

Nandkumar, Anand and Arora, Ashish (2008) Securing their Future? Entry and Survival in the Information Security Industry. [Industry Studies Working Paper:2008-23]

Park, Timothy A. and Davis, Elizabeth E. (2008) Productivity and Efficiency Impacts Of Human Resources Practices in Food Retailing. [Industry Studies Working Paper:2008-33]

Rubinstein, Saul and Martin-Rios, Carlos and Hoffer Gittell, Jody and Erhardt, Niclas and George, Varghese (2008) Cross-Boundary Coordination Under Organizational Stress: Communication Patterns and Resilience. [Industry Studies Working Paper:2008-04]

Shin, Namchul and Kraemer , Kenneth L. and Dedrick, Jason (2008) R&D, Value Chain Location and Firm Performance in the Global Electronics Industry. [Industry Studies Working Paper:2008-32]

Shire, Karen and Van Jaarsveld, Danielle D. (2008) The Temporary Staffing Industry in Protected Employment Economies: Germany, Japan and the Netherlands. [Industry Studies Working Paper:2008-24]

Sosa, M. Lourdes (2008) The Role of Incumbent Firms and Universities as Drivers of Innovation: Evidence from the Comparison of the Markets for Anti-cancer and AIDS-treatment Drugs. [Industry Studies Working Paper:2008-28]

Struben, Jeroen J.R. (2008) The Diffusion of Complex Market Technologies: Multifaceted Dynamics for Alternative Fuel Vehicles. [Industry Studies Working Paper:2008-29]

Sturgeon, Timothy J. (2008) From Commodity Chains to Value Chains: Interdisciplinary Theory Building in an Age of Globalization. [Industry Studies Working Paper:2008-02]

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