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An Examination of Strategic Drivers Impacting U.S. Multinational Lodging Corporations

Bender, Betsy and Partlow, Charles G. and Roth, Martin S. (2007) An Examination of Strategic Drivers Impacting U.S. Multinational Lodging Corporations. [Industry Studies Working Paper:2007-06]



Top executives from four major multinational lodging corporations were interviewed on corporate strategies to identify key strategic drivers for creating value in the global lodging industry. In the face of greater environmental uncertainty, global competition, and technological change, it is imperative that multinational lodging firms develop strategies for protecting their domestic franchises and expanding internationally. The findings reveal shifts in current business models, strategies for changing brand architecture, searches for profitable new markets, commoditization and differentiation of the product, and development of customer-centered functional strategies. Implications of these strategic changes for the lodging industry are discussed.

Industry Studies Series #:2007-06
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